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  • Hyderabad Cuisine

    Hyderabad has a rich heritage of over 400 years of cuisine influences. Hyderabadi cuisine or Deccani cuisine is the ultimate in fine dining and ornamented with lots of dry fruits and nuts.

  • Telangana Cuisine

    Telangana cuisine is known for its gutsy and robust flavors. The food is a clever blend of spices and herbs. Its topography dictates more millet and roti ( leavened bread ) based dishes.

  • Andhra Pradesh Cuisine

    The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is known far and wide for its rich seasoning, especially the use of chillies and tamarind.

  • Kerala Cuisine

    God own country or land of spices as it is refered to, true to its age old heritage, Kerala food is known for its fresh, aromatic and seasned taste.

  • Tamil Nadu Cuisine

    Tamil cuisine is considered the mother of all south indian cuisine, all other south indian cuisine have been influenced by tamil food.

  • Karnataka Cuisine

    Kannada cuisine is one of the oldest surviving cuisine. The origin of which can be traced as far back as 1500 AD. This greatly extolled cuisine hold mention in various historical works.